Participants will learn techniques to meet students where they are and lead them to where they need to be.  This FULL ONE DAY training will give you the tools to have more fun with your teaching as you reach students who may seem unreachable!  We provide scheduling flexibility to best meet the unique needs of your staff, campus and school calendar.  Take a look at our FULL DAY format.

Differentiated Instruction Agenda
Promoting Positive Feelings
Promoting Attention and Interests
Promoting Connectedness and Relevance
Promoting Self-Efficacy
Sharing Best Practices





Morning Session

Make the connection between differentiated instruction and student engagement and motivation

  • Clarify your understanding of what differentiated instruction is and isn’t.
  • Understand how multiple intelligences and learning modalities impact student engagement.
  • Reach students you’ve never reached before!

Gain tools for promoting positive feelings in the classroom

  • Explore ways to bring more of yourself into the classroom.
  • Use unique methods to promote positive feelings and deepen understanding.
  • Learn fun strategies to give and respond to student feedback.

Discover strategies for stimulating attention and interest

  • Practice randomization techniques that will keep students engaged.
  • Capture students’ attention with questioning techniques that will deepen their thinking.
  • Rediscover storytelling as a way to energize content and engage learners.


Lunch Break

Afternoon Session

Designing lessons that are highly “meaningful and relevant”.

  • Guide students to make personal connections to skills and key concepts.
  • Devise new and more effective ways to use brainstorming.
  • Facilitate deeper levels of understanding and learning.

Help students build confidence and self-efficacy

  • Prepare students to respond on demand and under pressure.
  • Learn safe, fun ways for students to show what they know.

…and much more!

Be better equipped to recognize and respond to individual needs and interests!


If schools were permitted to have just one training, this is the one!

This training will help to raise test scores for your students, decrease discipline challenges, and improve classroom rapport. You will learn how to meet students where they are and lead them where they need to be, capture attention, and promote deeper learning.